AGIYI Alishan High Mountain Oolong Tea

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    Aged Tea


    • Tsou Vayiyana Brand package:6g

    Key Features

    AGIYI in Tsou language means that the male elders, as the name suggests this kind of tea is been long-term storage and repeated roasting, and because of storage space temperature and humidity and storage time, will let the aging process which called “post-fermentation” effect, the aging flavor will gradually appear the longer the time, and then the aroma of aged tea will be transformed into different flavors such as plum or wood aroma and other flavor. Due to prolonged storage and repeated roasting, some irritating tea substances such as caffeine and theophylline will be reduced; tea liquor will taste very soft and smoothly.

    ◎ Hand-pluck 1 bud 2~4 leaves Tasting Notes: Roast incense with some plum fruit or woody aroma and some other special aroma may appear sweet, smooth and lingering taste with.

    ◎ Oxidation: 35%

    ◎ Roasting degree: middle~ full

    ◎ Varietal: Qing Xin (Green Heart) Oolong

    ◎ Management of Tea Plantation: In accordance with the EU Regulation (EC396 / 2005)

    ◎ Brewing:

    With Ceramic, pottery or porcelain tea pot/ Gaiwan

    * Volume of tea leaves, the dry tea leaves should fill approximately 1/4~1/5 of tea teapot by volume

    * Boiling water(about 90℃~100℃)

    * First brewing: 40~50 seconds

    *  Second and third brewing: 30~40 seconds

    * After forth serving, increase the steeping time about 15~20 seconds more over the last steeping.

    With Personal cup: put 3g dry tea leaves into 150ml cup, pouring boiling water (about 90℃~100℃) and wait about 2~3 minutes later and then drink it, refill hot water after drink about half of cup and can be repeat 2~3 times according to personal taste. This tea can be drinking before or after meal or pairing with rich food or sweet desserts.

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