FURU Alishan High Mountain Ecological Dark Oolong Tea

  • Certification:SGS
  • Made in:Taiwan
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  • Tsou Vayiyana Brand package:6g/75g

Key Features

Limited & Specially-made High Mountain Tea-FURU Alishan High Mountain Ecological Dark Oolong Tea Ball shaped or loose-leaf tea undergoes special processing with middle to heavy fermentation that create unique Dried-fruity aroma and sweet taste; flavor profile completely different from standard dark teas.

◎ Hand-pluck 1 bud 2~4 leaves

◎ Tasting Notes: Complex aroma, tangerine and hint of mint, sweet and smooth taste with light honey finish sometime. This tea can be brewed in hot and cold.

◎ Oxidation: over 70~80%

◎ Roasting degree: light

◎ Varietal: Qing Xin (Green Heart) Oolong

◎ Management of Tea Plantation: In accordance with the EU Regulation (EC834 / 2007)/ pesticide &fertilizer -free management (3rd Year In Conversion issued by CERES GmbH)

◎ Brewing :

With Ceramic, pottery or porcelain tea pot/ Gaiwan

 Volume of tea leaves, the dry tea leaves should fill approximately 1/4~1/5 of tea teapot by volume

 Boiling water(about 90℃~100℃)

 First brewing: 40~50 seconds

 Second and third brewing: 30~40 seconds

 After forth serving, increase the steeping time about 15~20 seconds more over the last steeping.

With personal cup: put3g dry tea leaves into 150ml cup, pouring boiling water (about 90℃~100℃) and wait about 2~3 minutes later and then drink it, refill hot water after drink about half of cup and can be repeat 2~3 times according to personal taste. This tea is better to drink after meal or pairing with food contains more grease.

Main Export Market

Singapore ,Taiwan

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